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Meet the Owner, Ken Badziak

Picking pumpkins at the Miami Lakes Pumpkin Patch with my family, my ex-wife and her silly dog, Xôdo (whom I totally love, but shhhh! It’s a secret!)

My two little monkeys at Sweet Tomatoes, their favorite restaurant ever!

Hi there, my name is Ken. I’m the owner of Dade Broward House Buyers. I’ve been living in South Florida for over eight years with my children, Michael and Gabriela with whom I  now co-parent with my ex-wife… so I know how that process can go. (That’s her in the top picture… sometimes divorce strengthens families. Who knew?)



Once in a while I get an opportunity to sneak my kids into a $20m fun toy… in this case, a full motion A320 simulator! As real as it gets!

I grew up serving people. As a child growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, my mom owned not one but two french cafés in the Downtown Loop area. Literally every weekend, school holiday and most of any summer months I was slinging croissants and cappuccinos a full decade before anyone in Chicago even heard of a Starbucks. Two years after High School I answered the call and joined the United States Marine Corps, where, amongst many other things, I started taking flying lessons at the local airport… Fast forward two decades and nowadays one can find me turning jet fuel into noise as I work full-time as an Airbus Captain with a major airline headquartered right here in South Florida. Prior to flying a yellow banana, I was a 747 Captain flying charter “oddball freight” to points all around the world… I’ve dodged thunderstorms over the Indian Ocean, I’ve been hit by “Afghani Lightning” while flying supplies into Afghanistan, and I’ve danced with the Aurora Borealis over northern Canada… (Yes, it was surreal. And amazing.)

While I find that flying for a living can be rewarding in and of itself, I’ve also found that it can be exceptionally difficult on what really matters; family. (see: divorce…)

What can I say? This little Brasilian stole my heart the moment she samba’d into my life…

Selling a house can be stressful and confusing.

It doesn’t have to be.

We are a real estate solutions company, we take pride in providing options to individuals and families that need to sell their house. Every situation provides its own unique set of challenges, and no two solutions are the same.

  • Avoid Foreclosure. We can stop foreclosure in its tracks with a fast and fair sale!
  • A house in need of repair. Sell your house as is! We will purchase as-is, saving you time, money and most importantly, your sanity!
  • Divorce. A fast sale will make a stressful situation more manageable. Sell your house before, during, or after you caught a ride on the “D-Train.”
  • A bad inheritance. We have worked with many people who found themselves responsible for a property they never really wanted. We can help you sell without having to pay a dime!
  • An urgent need to move. Whether it is for family reasons, work, or another opportunity, you don’t have to put everything on an indefinite hold waiting for the MLS process to run out.
  • A vacant property. In addition to being uninsurable, vacant properties deteriorate quickly in the tropical heat. Not a problem, we buy as-is!
  • Downsizing or upgrading. Are you suddenly an Empty Nester? The house you bought 20 years ago is no longer the house you need today. We can help!
  • Back Taxes or Liens. Sometimes, in spite of all our best efforts, one just can’t keep up with the obligations to Uncle Sam. We understand. But before they take everything we can help you walk away with something…

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Michael and Gabriela. These two, my pride and joy.

Ken Badziak






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